Rimowa Warranty

5-year limited warranty on travel and business luggage. United States and Canada only. RIMOWA world-wide warranty detail is available on RIMOWA website: www.rimowa.comRIMOWA provides a five year manufacturer’s warranty on the product you purchase in accordance with the conditions below to the final consumer when purchased from RIMOWA or an authorized RIMOWA dealer (the warranty period). The warranty period will commence from the date the product is purchased from RIMOWA or an authorized RIMOWA dealer provided the final consumer provides proof of purchase and otherwise will commence from the date of manufacture as determined by RIMOWA. This warranty only applies if the usability of the product is materially adversely affected by a fault or defect in material or workmanship in the manufacturing process present at the time of delivery to the final consumer (a defect). This warranty does not apply, however, if the usability is affected by abrasion, improper use or externally occurring forces (particularly flight or transport damage, e.g. deformation, cracks, body breakages, scratches, wear etc.) or by liquids (please observe the care instructions attached below). This warranty also excludes damage and defects related to or caused by: normal wear and tear, ordinary deviations in size, weight or quality, misuse or abuse, improper use or maintenance, failure to observe care instructions and manuals, negligence or accident by any party other than RIMOWA (including authorized RIMOWA dealers and carriers). RIMOWA recommends having the product inspected by a third party immediately after handling by a carrier (e.g. courier, airline or railway company) and immediately reporting any damage to the carrier who may provide insurance against such damage. Among other things, some product series are characterized by special leather fittings, particularly on the handle and at the corners of the suitcase. Leather is a natural product that can change, discolour or fade, particularly under the influence of skin contact, light and water, but also through the use of unsuitable cleaning agents, post-purchase impregnation and textile dyes. Heat and dehydration can lead to the formation of cracks or tears in the leather. These occurrences are not covered by the warranty. Any expendable parts, such as batteries and light bulbs, of any kind, which are installed in the product or included in delivery shall also be excluded from the warranty. Some product series have been equipped with the RIMOWA Electronic Tag. Malfunction or the disruption of servers for storage and transmission of data or errors in connection with the use of the app (airline or RIMOWA) do not apply as a material adverse effect to the use of the RIMOWA Electronic Tag and are not covered by this warranty. To make a claim against this warranty, immediately contact a RIMOWA service centre or an authorized RIMOWA dealer of the defect within the warranty period and deliver the product and the completed certificate of warranty included with this warranty and/or original proof of purchase. You can find locations of RIMOWA service centres and authorized RIMOWA dealers on our website: www.rimowa.com. RIMOWA will then review the claim and decide whether the defect is covered by this warranty. If RIMOWA determines the claim is covered, RIMOWA will, at its option, repair or replace the product at its own expense and pay the return shipment costs. You are responsible for the cost of delivering the product to the RIMOWA service centre or authorized RIMOWA dealer. If RIMOWA opts to replace the product, RIMOWA may replace the product with a comparable successor product. If RIMOWA determines the claim is not covered, you will be responsible for any return shipment costs. All parts removed in the repair of the product shall be the property of RIMOWA upon their replacement. Any product replaced shall be the property of RIMOWA upon delivery of the replacement product. The repair or replacement of the product shall not extend this warranty and this warranty will only apply to the repaired or replaced product for the balance of the original warranty period. THIS WARRANTY IS YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY AGAINST RIMOWA. IN NO EVENT WILL RIMOWA OR ITS SERVICE CENTRES BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL (E.G. FINANCIAL LOSSES), SPECIAL, PUNITIVE, EXEMPLARY OR OTHER SIMILAR TYPES OF DAMAGES. ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, QUALITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT, ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED. RIMOWA’S TOTAL LIABILITY UNDER THIS WARRANTY IS LIMITED TO THE PURCHASE PRICE PAID BY YOU FOR THE PRODUCT GIVING RISE TO THE CLAIM AS SHOWN ON THE PROOF OF PURCHASE OR, IF PROOF OF PURCHASE IS NOT PROVIDED, TO RIMOWA’S SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE FOR THE PRODUCT IN YOUR COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE AT THE TIME THE CLAIM IS MADE. How U.S. Law Applies To This Warranty (for U.S. Residents only) This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. U.S. federal warranty law prohibits the disclaimer of implied warranties, so the above disclaimer of implied warranties may not apply to you. If the disclaimer of implied warranties does not apply to you, the duration of the applicable implied warranties is restricted to the 5 year duration of this warranty. We wish you lots of pleasure with your travel and business luggage from RIMOWA.